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Maternity reflexology

As a qualified midwife with many years of experience, I am very aware of what a difficult time pregnancy can be for many women. During pregnancy, women's bodies undergo huge changes which inevitably lead to aches and pains, disturbed sleep and often tension and stress. Reflexology treatments may help your body to adjust and cope with these changes, and so relieve many of the symtoms associated with pregnancy. A treatment also provides the mum-to-be with valuable quality time away from her normal, busy routine.

pregnant woman

Reflexology has been shown to be safe during pregnancy after the first twelve weeks. However, for women unfortunate enough to suffer from pregnancy/morning sickness or hyperemisis, I can use gentle reflexology techniques to try to alleviate the symptoms safely prior to twelve weeks. As your due date arrives, special reflexology techniques can be used to encourage the onset of labour, although of course, these techniques will not be used prior to your expected due date.

Although reflexology is safe during a normal pregnancy, I advise that you consult your midwife for your own peace of mind, prior to commencing reflexology treatments.

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