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Stress, anxiety and depression

Although a certain amount of stress is a normal part of life, there are times when our stress levels can rise enough to give us uncomfortable or debillitating symptoms. Anxiety may occur as a reaction to rising stress levels. The number of people suffering with work related stress is rising for a multitude of reasons. Sufferers may need to take time off work or even change their job altogether, and for employers many person-hours are lost per year as a result of people needing to take time off. Long term stress can result in a range of physical, psychological or behavioural symptoms which may have serious consequences to overall health.

Many people have found that reflexology can be effective at reducing stress and anxiety levels and so improving general well-being, by re-balancing the body and bringing about a deep sense of relaxation. Encouraging relaxation of mind and body reduces the stress responses produced which improves the symptoms experienced.

Depression is a common disorder in which people can experience low mood, poor sleep, feelings of hopelessness or low self-esteem and reduced energy levels, to name just a few symptoms. Reflexology can help with depression in a variety of ways, such as improving sleep, inducing quality relaxation, and helping with endocrine system function. A holistic and gentle therapy, reflexology is non-invasive, involves no medication and aims to encourage the body and mind to heal itself. reflexology

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