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Reflexology is thought to have originated from ancient Egypt and China, with evidence being found of its practice in Chinese texts from between 300 and 100 BC, and in the tomb of the Egyptian physician Ankhmahor near Cairo, dating to around 2300BC, where the practice is shown in images on the walls.

In Europe, the earliest writing about reflexology was published in 1582 by two european doctors. The therapy continued to be used, and in contempory times has been developed and advanced greatly. It is now used within the NHS in various areas and has become a well established therapy.


Reflexology is the application of gentle (or not so gentle in some cultures!) pressure to specific reflex areas of the feet or hands, known to link to different parts of the body, to encourange the body to balance and stimulate its own healing process. Many people find it helpful in cases of stress, hormonal disturbances, digestive problems, insomnia, or as a relaxing treatment in its own right.

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